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Some parts affect your car’s performance, for others, its ride comfort, drivability or safety. Steering components on the other hand, impact most of these performance areas. That’s why we stock high performing steering parts from Movo.


At Grandmark, we set high standards. But quality doesn’t just ‘happen’. We spend a great deal of time identifying suitable manufacturers, then scrutinising their facilities and products before giving it our stamp of approval. Take Movo’s selection of ball joints, control arms, drag links, idler arms and tie rods. We’ve done the legwork so that you can confidently pick up a Movo box and know that you’re getting a well-engineered part; one designed to replicate the OE part down to the details. This includes the use of high quality alloys and other materials in the manufacturing process.


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Ball Joints
Tie Rod Ends
Rack Ends
Control Arms
Stabilizer Link
Pitman Arms
Track Control Arms