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Grandmark Glass packs an incredible amount of technology into just a few millimetres of glass. We start by using only the best materials, machinery and processes to create them – things like high impact glass and premium vinyl. The result is an insurance-approved range of over 2,500 types of laminated and toughened glass.


In 2014, close to 200,000 cars in South Africa were fitted with a Grandmark Glass windscreen. There are a lot of reasons why more consumers and insurers are opting for Grandmark Glass, but it all starts with our manufacturer. Xinyi’s expertise dates back to 1988 and their OE customers include Ford, who awarded Xinyi their prestigious Q1 certification in 2012.

To ensure consistent quality, independent regulators test our glass for things like light stability, distortion, impact and penetration resistance. Xinyi’s manufacturing expertise guarantees that Grandmark Glass meets every recognised standard.

And because our shatter-proof windscreens are designed to OE specifications, they come standard with factory accessories like mirror and rain sensor brackets.

Visit www.grandmarkglass.co.za for more info and a full list of Grandmark Glass’ certifications.


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