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The amount of electronics in modern cars is increasing at a rapid rate. It’s estimated that electronics will account for 40% of automotive production costs by 2016. Through our partnership with Temot, we’re growing our electrical range to bring you the parts you need, now and in the future.


We stock an array of sensors, fuse boxes, instrument clusters, ignition coils and much more. Because of the fast-growing nature of this range, we recommend speaking with your sales specialist for the latest info and new additions.


Our electrical brands



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We stock these electrical parts

ABS Sensors
Air Flow Metres
Camshaft Sensors
Crankshaft Sensors
Electric Fuel Pumps
Fuse Boxes
Ignition Coils
Indicator Switches
Instrument Clusters
Intake Manifold Sensors
Key Sets
Knock Sensors
Oxygen Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Voltage Regulators
Wiper Motors