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Delphi hasn’t just stood by watching vehicles become more sophisticated and efficient. They’ve helped make it happen. Today, they’re developing new technologies for the world’s 25 biggest automakers. So as an aftermarket customer, you get 100 years of OE expertise with every part you buy.


Professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers now have access to advanced suspension and stopping power. Delphi brake discs are precision cast to generate smooth, comfortable braking; while tightly controlled joining of the friction surfaces prevents heat distortion. The contact surfaces are then digitally machined to improve friction and enable quicker, safer stops.

We also carry an array of Delphi sensors, and high strength suspension parts like control arms and tie rods.

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Our Delphi Range


Brake Pads
Brake Discs


Brake Wear Sensors
Ignition Coil
Sensor Knock
Sensor Intake Manifold
Sensor Camshaft
Sensor ABS
Sensor Crankshaft
Sensor Water Temp


Ball Joints
Tie Rod Ends
Rack Ends
Control Arm
Stabilizer Link
Pitman Arms
Track Control Arms