Our Company, Our History, Our Passion

Grandmark is a trusted partner to spares shops and workshops all across southern Africa. We supply a wide range of quality aftermarket spares, including everything from auto body, lamps and glass; to engine, cooling, and mechanical parts. But there’s more to us than just that. View the links below to learn more.

Our History

When we founded Grandmark in 1994, we wanted to impact the motor industry for the better. Back then, we were a team of three. Our entire inventory was the contents of a single shipping container. Making our vision happen would be a long shot.

But as the empty shelves in our warehouse began filling with bumpers and body panels from that first consignment, we rolled up our sleeves and went with our gut. We were a small business ourselves, so we understood that to our customers, the bottom line matters.

So we sought out independent manufacturers that were more nimble and efficient, and who could deliver great products at a lower cost. Most of all, we looked for partners that were as uncompromising towards quality as we were.

Over time, we added more lines as our small, loyal customer base grew.

Today, 4000 local and cross border customers trust Grandmark for amazing service and great products. Our team has swelled to over 900 staff. And since 2011, our partnership with South Africa’s major insurers has helped save insurers and their clients huge sums of money. And with more initiatives and new branches in the pipeline, this is really only the beginning.

Our Culture, Our Passion

We all want our life and our work to have meaning. We want to engage and be engaged, and contribute to the world around us.

At Grandmark, we also believe that we’re just better, happier people when we’re growing, and contributing to something bigger than ourselves. And it doesn’t hurt to have some fun along the way either.

We also believe that we have a moral duty to be a force for good. It’s why we’ve chosen a simple but powerful mission statement to guide us:

Improve Lives.

It means helping our staff members reach their potential, while they’re providing for their families.

It means giving our customers the best quality and value to help them earn more on the parts they sell.

And it means extending a caring hand-up to those less privileged in our communities.

It’s an ideal that defines us and brings us together.

As Markies, it’s what we call our passion.


Grandmark has always been a little different from other companies. Catch a glimpse of our off-the-wall, family-oriented culture in the Resource Section.

And if you want to be a part of what we believe in, click here to see what career opportunities are currently available at Grandmark.

Our Quality promise

From the very beginning, we set out to consistently deliver high quality products.

So we’re uncompromising when it comes to engineering. We take great care to select only parts that are well made, using materials best suited for the application.  We do this so that every part will fit and perform just like the OE version, while giving you exceptional service life.

Everything we sell is also backed with professional after-sales service and a 12-month guarantee. And for total peace of mind, most of our products are also certified by independent regulators like the SABS, the European Conformity (CE) and American Department of Transportation.


As a Grandmark customer, you have a world-class selection of spares at your fingertips. That’s because we’re the sole African-based shareholder of Temot, the European aftermarket network that connects its partners with industry-leading suppliers.

Whether it’s specialised suspension and electrical parts from Delphi, or spark plugs and wipers from Bosch, we stock it. And if you’re looking for premium timing belts or globes, we have you covered with Dayco and Philips.

These manufacturers aren’t just players in the game, their setting the standard in their field. So speak to your sales person today for more info on all the leading brands in our catalogue.

Giving Back

Every day, ordinary people are helping change South Africa for the better.

It’s what inspires us to tackle the challenges people in our communities face – things like poor literacy and a lack of resources or infrastructure. Because at Grandmark, we believe that we all rise and fall together.

So whether it’s renovating a community center’s crèche or donating food and blankets to the destitute, we’re always looking for ways to give back.

Since 2011, our work with the Meadowlands School in Soweto has also helped empower learners who dream of a better life. By providing these bright kids with facilities like a new classroom or library, we’re hoping to touch their lives in a very tangible and meaningful way.

It goes right to the heart of what we stand for – our mission of improving lives.

Because if we can help each other become better people, and help each other when we’re down, the world would be a much better place.

View Grandmark Glass charity initiative